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How to Protect Your Car Paint

There are several ways to skin a cat – at least, with protecting your new car paint. Car enthusiasts from the USA to…

Tips for Finding the Best Detailing Supplies

While there have been some amazing car care products launched in recent years that repel water, and keep cars shiny, the struggle of keeping cars clean is indeed real. This is what inspires us to look for the best detailing supplies.



These are our recommended quantities for the respective type of vehicle. The Volume Savings can be seen besides/below.

Type of VehicleRecommended QuantityVolume Savings
motorcycle   Motorcycle1 bottle*
small car   Small car1 bottle*
sedan   Sedan2 bottles*Save $35 (25%)
pick-up truck   Pick-up2 bottles*Save $35 (25%)
jeep   Jeep2 bottles*Save $35 (25%)
suv   SUV3 bottles*Save $70 (33%)
van   VAN3 bottles*Save $70 (33%)
boat   Boat4 bottles+*Save $110 (39%)

*Please note that it may be a good idea getting an extra bottle, ensuring you don’t run out when doing an application.