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Bug Removal 101 – How to Easily Remove Bug Guts from Your Car

Car owners in most North American cities breathe a welcome sigh of relief as winter approaches. Not only do temperatures...
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Top 8 Items You Never Thought Could be Ceramic Coated

If you’ve been following our blog for a while – it’s clear that Armor Shield IX is the shizzle per...
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A Guide for Cleaning Tree Sap off Your Ride

While the late Fall season brings refreshing, cooling temperature to most of North America, it also introduces a real pisser...
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11 Steps to Winterize Your Car

Back in the old days, car owners in colder climates would spend the first weekend of November winterizing their cars....
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Is it Possible to Prevent Sun Damage on a Car’s Paint?

I just got back from a 7-day cruise to the Western Caribbean – which didn’t suck. In my trip down...
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Is Prepping for DIY Ceramic Coating That Important?

Prep work is what makes the dream work. Marinated meat makes the BBQ taste amazing when it’s cooked low and...
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Combating the Salt Assault: What You Need to Know

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how multiple natural elements impact the quality of your paint. From bird droppings...
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Tires can be made shiny using homemade tire shine products

How to Make Homemade Tire Shine

Did you know that NASCAR got its start by running moonshine? Seriously, back in the day, moonshiners would customize their...
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Changing Seasons, Falling Leaves, and Your Cars Paint

As the summer temperatures vanish, the autumn leaves on oxygen-producing trees begin to change into visually stunning colors. The beautiful...
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These are our recommended quantities for the respective type of vehicle. The Volume Savings can be seen besides/below.

Type of Vehicle Recommended Quantity Volume Savings
motorcycle   Motorcycle 1 bottle*
small car   Small car 1 bottle*
sedan   Sedan 2 bottles* Save $35 (25%)
pick-up truck   Pick-up 2 bottles* Save $35 (25%)
jeep   Jeep 2 bottles* Save $35 (25%)
suv   SUV 3 bottles* Save $70 (33%)
van   VAN 3 bottles* Save $70 (33%)
boat   Boat 4 bottles+* Save $110 (39%)

*Please note that it may be a good idea getting an extra bottle, ensuring you don't run out when doing an application.

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