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What’s the Trick for Detailing a Black Car?

Sometimes it’s hard to bet on black. While I primarily wear black clothing at the racetrack, and as a branding...
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What Causes Car Paint to Fade?

I have to say, one of the sexiest things on the planet is a freshly polished glossy paint job on...
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Can You Wax Over Ceramic Coatings?

Every year, automotive enthusiasts across the globe spend more than $2 billion on car wash, car wax and other exterior...
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Protecting Your Vehicle: Paint Protection Film vs Ceramic Coatings

The automotive enthusiast is making a comeback. It seems everywhere you look, there is a new blogger or dude on...
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The Cost of Ceramic Coating on Your Car: Is It Worth It?

There is an old saying - "if cost wasn't an issue, I'd buy it immediately." Unfortunately, cost is usually the...
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Is a DIY Ceramic Coating for Cars Safe to Use?

We receive multiple inquiries from current or potential Armor Shield IX customers. From asking about application tips to warranty information...
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How to Apply Ceramic Coating on Glass

Did you know that ceramic coating can be used on automotive glass? Well, to quote Officer John McClain from the...
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Auto Detailing Clay; How to Use a Clay Bar

The term blood, sweat, and tears are used a lot by us ‘old school’ car guys. Back in the day,...
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10 Tips for the First Time Ceramic Coating Users

10 Tips for the First Time Ceramic Coating User

Making the decision to use a ceramic coating is not one that should be made lightly. While today’s DIY ceramic...
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