Instead of going to the shop for every little problem and paying too much, check out our top DIY car fixes and repairs and deal with your car quickly and easy. It’s all DIY oriented, easy to do, and inexpensive.

1. How to repair a Windshield Chip or Crack

How to Repair a Windshield Chip or Crack

This is a how to fix your chipped windshield. If you do not do this as soon as possible the chip can turn into a crack overnight! It is easy and costs $10… A repair place will charge about $50 to fix the chip and a windshield can cost you over $500 to replace. This short DIY video will save you time, money, and frustration! Plus you learn something cool!

2. How to remove scratches from your car

Can You Easily Remove Car Scratches With Toothpaste? - Watch Me Put it To Test

In this video I am going to go over whether you can remove scratches from your car, using toothpaste and a microfiber towel or a scotch brite pad. There are a lot of hacks out there regarding scratch repair, WD40, baking soda, and this latest one toothpaste. Some of them might sound too good to be true so what I’ll be doing is putting them for you guys to the test in this video.

3. How to Fix Dents Quickly

LifeHacks - Using Boiling Water to Get Car Dents Out

This one could literally save you a fortune. For simple dents like these repair shops charge $200, $400 or even $600 depending on your car. Just see how easily it can be done yourself with just a pot of boiling water and a toilet plunger.

4. How to fix a flat tire easily

How to Fix a Flat Tire EASY (Everything you need to know)

Learn how to Fix a Flat Tire yourself so you can get back on the road! I show the entire process of fixing a flat tire from how to inflate the flat tire, how to find the leak in the tire, to how to plug the tire so you can fill it up with air and drive on it safely.

5. How to jump start your car

How To Jump Start a Car! (The EASY Way)

Jump start a Car. Anyone who drives should know how to safely jump start their car because one day your battery will be dead. Whether you left your lights on or your battery goes bad, knowing how to jump your car safely will keep you from getting stranded.

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