Ceramic Essentials


One of each of our specially formulated shampoos to make sure you get the absolute best prep and maintenance for your Armor Shield IX ceramic coating. PLUS a free set of ultra plus microfiber cloths.

The use of a ceramic coating oriented prep shampoo should always be the first step in the pre-install preparation phase. This will help lift any caked-on contaminants, and cut through that crappy wax that failed after just two weeks.

Super concentrated for maximum cleaning power, this shampoo is the first step in your ceramic coating proces...

Specifically designed to maintain Armor Shield IX nano-ceramic coating. This PH-balanced shampoo uses a form...

A pack of high-end microfiber cloths from AvalonKing are a core cleaning tool that no car owner should go without.

Premium quality, multi-purpose microfiber towels for all types of surfaces; paintwork, glass, metal, plastic...

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Who doesn’t love free shit? Well, we certainly do, so that’s why we’re throwing in a free set of our gloriously ult-plush microfiber cloths. Now these are more important than you might think, washing in both prep and maintenance for your Armor Shield IX ceramic coating with the wrong cloth may lead to tiny scratches and swirls on your car. Our prep shampoo is specially formulated to remove all waxes, sealants, chemicals, and contaminants, to create the perfect bonding surface for the ceramic coating. The maintenance shampoo will ensure your ceramic coating lasts as long as possible whilst also keeping your car in its spit-shined showroom state. The ultra-plush microfibers make sure your rough hands are gentle with its curves and crevasses. Ahem, what?

  • 1 x 16oz bottle of our incredible ceramic coating prep shampoo
  • 1 x 16oz bottle of our equally incredible ceramic coating maintenance shampoo
  • Helps maximise performance, shine, and lifespan of ceramic coating.
  • Intense lather to breakdown and remove stubborn dirt and grime.
  • Super slick surface mix helps prevent wash swirls and scrub scratching.
  • pH Neutral, NO added wax, NO harsh detergent.
  • 3 x ultra-plush microfiber cloths (machine washable)
  • Contrary to internet rumours this bundle is not “the perfect gift for a newborn!”
  • Use the “two bucket and a beer method” and wash your car from the top down.
  • Add 1oz prep shampoo to 4 gallons of water.
  • Wash panel by panel from top down in a criss-crossed and overlapping motion.
  • Dilute 1oz maintenance shampoo in 4gallons of water in a bucket.
  • Wash panel by panel from top down in a criss-crossed and overlapping motion.
  • There are instructions on each bottle, but I mean, it’s shampoo. Even you can’t mess this up. Trust us.
  • Buff/Dry using the microfibre cloths. Feels even better cause they’re free!



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