How to vacuum a Subaru WRX?

How to vacuum a Subaru WRX?

Learn the best tips and tricks for keeping your Subaru WRX spotless with our comprehensive guide on how to vacuum your car like a pro.

How to vacuum a Subaru WRX?

The Subaru WRX is a car that's loved by many for its performance and style. However, like any other car, it requires regular maintenance to keep it looking and performing at its best. One of the simplest yet most essential tasks is vacuuming the interior. This may seem like a straightforward task, but there are specific techniques and tips that can make the process more efficient and effective. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to vacuum your Subaru WRX thoroughly.

The Importance of Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is crucial for several reasons. First, it helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of your car's interior. No one likes to ride in a dirty car, and regular vacuuming can help keep your Subaru WRX looking as good as new. It's also a matter of hygiene. Dust, dirt, and other particles can accumulate over time, creating an unhealthy environment. Regular vacuuming can help eliminate these potential health hazards.

Moreover, vacuuming can also help preserve the longevity of your car's interior. Dirt and debris can be abrasive, and when they're ground into the upholstery and carpeting, they can cause premature wear and tear. By vacuuming regularly, you can help protect these surfaces and prolong their lifespan.

Preparing Your Subaru WRX for Vacuuming

Before you start vacuuming, it's important to prepare your car. This involves removing any loose items such as coins, papers, and other personal belongings. Not only will this make the vacuuming process easier, but it will also prevent these items from getting sucked up and potentially damaging your vacuum.

Next, you should remove the floor mats. These can be vacuumed separately and more thoroughly. If they're particularly dirty, you might want to consider washing them. Once you've removed all loose items and floor mats, you're ready to start vacuuming.

Choosing the Right Vacuum

Not all vacuums are created equal, especially when it comes to vacuuming a car. Ideally, you should use a vacuum that's designed for automotive use. These vacuums are typically more compact and portable, making them easier to maneuver in the confined space of a car interior.

They also often come with various attachments that can help you reach into tight spaces and clean more effectively. If you don't have access to an automotive vacuum, a standard household vacuum can work, but you may find it more difficult to reach certain areas.

How to Vacuum Your Subaru WRX

Step 1: Vacuum the Seats

Start by vacuuming the seats. Use a brush attachment to loosen any dirt or debris that's embedded in the upholstery. Then, switch to a crevice tool to get into the seams and cracks. Make sure to vacuum both the front and back of the seats.

Don't forget to move the seats forward and backward to reach the area underneath. This is often a neglected area where dirt and debris can accumulate.

Step 2: Vacuum the Floor

Once the seats are clean, move on to the floor. Start from the top and work your way down, this way any debris that's dislodged and falls to the floor can be vacuumed up later. Use the crevice tool to get into tight spaces such as under the seats and around the pedals.

For the carpeted areas, you might want to use a brush attachment to help lift the carpet fibers and remove any embedded dirt. Make sure to vacuum all areas of the floor, including the back seats if your Subaru WRX is a sedan.

Step 3: Vacuum the Trunk

The trunk is another area that can accumulate dirt and debris, especially if you often carry items in it. Use the same techniques as you did for the seats and floor. If your trunk has a removable liner, take it out and vacuum underneath it.

Once you've vacuumed the trunk, replace the liner and any items you normally keep in the trunk. Just make sure they're clean so you're not immediately reintroducing dirt and debris.

Final Touches

After vacuuming, you might want to consider using a fabric freshener to give your car a clean, fresh scent. Just make sure to test it on a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it won't discolor your upholstery.

Finally, replace your floor mats. If you washed them, make sure they're completely dry before putting them back in your car. Damp floor mats can lead to mold and mildew.


Vacuuming your Subaru WRX might seem like a small task, but it can make a big difference in the look, feel, and health of your car's interior. By following these steps and tips, you can ensure a thorough clean and keep your Subaru WRX looking and feeling its best.

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Remember, regular maintenance is key to preserving the longevity and performance of your car. So, make vacuuming a part of your regular car care routine. Your Subaru WRX will thank you!

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