How to wash a BMW 7 Series?

How to wash a BMW 7 Series?

Learn the best tips and techniques for washing your BMW 7 Series to keep it looking sleek and shiny.
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How to wash a BMW 7 Series?

The BMW 7 Series is a luxury vehicle that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its sleek design and high-end features make it a prized possession for any car enthusiast. But owning a BMW 7 Series is not just about driving it; it's also about maintaining its pristine condition. One of the most important aspects of this maintenance is washing the car. Washing a BMW 7 Series is not as simple as hosing it down. It requires a careful and meticulous approach to ensure that the car's exterior and interior remain in top-notch condition.

Understanding the Importance of Proper Washing

Before we delve into the specifics of how to wash a BMW 7 Series, it's crucial to understand why proper washing is essential. Washing your car is not just about aesthetics. It's also about preserving the car's value and ensuring its longevity.

Dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate on your car's surface over time. If left unattended, these can cause damage to the paintwork, leading to scratches and chips. Moreover, contaminants like bird droppings or tree sap can cause chemical reactions that can permanently damage the car's finish.

Preparing for the Wash

Gathering the Necessary Supplies

Before you begin washing your BMW 7 Series, you need to gather the right supplies. These include a car wash soap, a large sponge or car wash mitt, a bucket, a hose with a spray nozzle, microfiber towels, a car vacuum, and interior cleaning products. It's crucial to use products specifically designed for car washing to avoid damaging the car's finish.

Additionally, you may want to consider investing in a high-quality wax or sealant to protect your car's paint after the wash. These products can provide a protective barrier against environmental elements, helping to preserve your car's shiny finish.

Choosing the Right Location

The location where you wash your car can also make a significant difference. Ideally, you should wash your car in a shaded area. Washing your car under direct sunlight can cause the soap to dry quickly, leading to water spots and streaks on the car's surface.

Moreover, washing your car on a flat surface can make the process easier as it prevents water from pooling in certain areas.

The Washing Process

Washing the Exterior

Start by rinsing the car with water to remove loose dirt and debris. This step is crucial as it helps prevent scratches and swirl marks caused by rubbing dirt against the car's surface.

Next, fill your bucket with water and add the car wash soap as per the instructions on the bottle. Dip your sponge or car wash mitt into the soapy water and start washing the car from the top, working your way down. This method ensures that the dirtiest parts of the car are cleaned last, reducing the risk of scratching the car's surface.

Washing the Wheels

The wheels of your BMW 7 Series require special attention as they are often the dirtiest part of the car. Use a separate bucket and sponge to clean the wheels to avoid transferring brake dust and grime to the car's paintwork.

Start by rinsing the wheels with water to remove loose dirt. Then, use a wheel cleaner and a wheel brush to scrub the wheels thoroughly. Make sure to clean the wheel wells and behind the wheels as well, as these areas can accumulate a lot of dirt.

Washing the Interior

The interior of your BMW 7 Series also needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its luxurious feel. Start by removing any trash and personal items from the car. Then, use a car vacuum to clean the seats, floor mats, and other areas.

For the dashboard, center console, and other hard surfaces, use a microfiber cloth and an interior cleaning product. Make sure to clean the steering wheel and the gear shift as these areas are frequently touched and can accumulate germs.

Post-Wash Care

After washing your BMW 7 Series, it's important to dry it properly to prevent water spots. Use a microfiber towel to dry the car, starting from the top and working your way down. Make sure to dry the wheels and the door jambs as well.

Once the car is dry, you can apply a car wax or sealant to protect the paint. Follow the instructions on the product's packaging for the best results.


Washing a BMW 7 Series is a task that requires time, effort, and the right technique. But with the right approach, you can keep your car looking as good as new. Remember, regular washing and maintenance can go a long way in preserving the value and beauty of your BMW 7 Series.

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