How to wax a Kia Seltos?

How to wax a Kia Seltos?

Learn the step-by-step process of waxing a Kia Seltos to keep it looking sleek and shiny.
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How to wax a Kia Seltos?

Waxing your Kia Seltos is not just about maintaining its shiny appearance. It's also about protecting the paintwork from the harsh elements, preventing rust, and enhancing its resale value. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step by step, making it easy for anyone to achieve a professional finish at home.

Understanding the Importance of Car Waxing

Before we delve into the how-to, let's first understand why waxing your car is essential. Car wax serves as a protective layer against various environmental factors. These include harmful UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, and acid rain, all of which can damage your car's paintwork over time.

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Moreover, waxing your car regularly can enhance its gloss and shine, making it look brand new. It also makes cleaning easier as dirt and grime are less likely to stick to a waxed surface. Lastly, a well-maintained car can fetch a higher resale value, making waxing a worthwhile investment.

Choosing the Right Car Wax

Car waxes come in different forms: liquid, paste, and spray. Liquid waxes are ideal for cleaning, durability, and glossiness but can be challenging to apply evenly. Paste waxes are easier to control, providing a rich, deep shine, but they take longer to dry. Spray waxes are the easiest to apply and perfect for quick touch-ups, but they don't last as long.

When choosing a car wax, consider factors like your car's color, the climate, and how often you're willing to reapply. For instance, darker cars may benefit from a wax that offers a high-gloss finish, while those in hotter climates may need a wax with strong UV protection.

Step-by-Step Guide to Waxing Your Kia Seltos

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. These include car wax, a car wash soap, a wash mitt, microfiber towels, a bucket, and a hose with a spray nozzle. It's also advisable to have a clay bar kit for removing any surface contaminants and a polish if your car has minor scratches or swirl marks.

Step 2: Wash Your Car

Start by washing your car thoroughly to remove any dirt or grime. Use a car wash soap and a wash mitt to gently clean the surface. Rinse with a hose, starting from the top and working your way down. Make sure to dry your car completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Clay Bar Treatment

If your car's paint feels rough to the touch after washing, it may have bonded contaminants like tree sap or road tar. These can be removed using a clay bar. Simply spray the clay lubricant on a small area, glide the clay bar over it until it feels smooth, then wipe it dry. Repeat this process for the entire car.

Step 4: Apply Car Wax

Now, it's time to apply the wax. If you're using a liquid or paste wax, apply a small amount to a foam applicator or microfiber towel. Apply it to one section of the car at a time, using a circular motion. If you're using a spray wax, simply spray it onto the car's surface and spread it with a microfiber towel.

Step 5: Buff the Car

After the wax has dried (which usually takes about 5-10 minutes), it's time to buff it off. Using a clean, dry microfiber towel, gently buff the wax off using circular motions. Turn the towel frequently to avoid reapplying wax onto the car. Continue this process until you've buffed the entire car.

Maintaining Your Kia Seltos' Shine

After waxing your Kia Seltos, you'll want to maintain its shine for as long as possible. One way to do this is by washing your car regularly with a wax-safe car wash soap. Avoid automatic car washes as they can strip off the wax.

Another tip is to park your car in the shade whenever possible. Direct sunlight can cause the wax to degrade faster. Lastly, consider reapplying wax every three months or so, depending on the weather conditions and the type of wax you're using.


Waxing your Kia Seltos is a simple yet effective way to keep it looking its best. Not only does it enhance its appearance, but it also protects the paintwork from damage, ensuring your car stays in top condition for years to come. With the right tools and techniques, you can easily wax your car at home and enjoy the benefits of a professional finish.

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