How to wax a Lexus NX?

How to wax a Lexus NX?

Learn the step-by-step process of waxing a Lexus NX to keep it looking sleek and shiny.
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How to wax a Lexus NX?

Waxing your Lexus NX isn't just about maintaining its sleek and shiny appearance. It's also about preserving the quality of the paintwork, protecting it against the harsh elements, and enhancing its resale value. But how do you wax a Lexus NX properly? What are the steps involved? What materials do you need? This guide will answer all these questions and more.

The Importance of Waxing Your Lexus NX

Before we delve into the how-to, let's first understand why waxing your Lexus NX is crucial. Many car owners often overlook this aspect of car maintenance, focusing more on the engine and other mechanical parts. However, the exterior of your car needs just as much attention.

Waxing your Lexus NX provides a layer of protection against harmful UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, and other environmental pollutants that can damage your car's paintwork. It also gives your car a glossy finish, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and making it look brand new.

Preserving the Paintwork

Waxing your Lexus NX helps to preserve the quality of its paintwork. The wax forms a barrier that prevents dirt, dust, and grime from sticking to the surface of your car. This reduces the likelihood of scratches and other forms of damage that can occur when these particles are rubbed against the paintwork.

Moreover, waxing your car can help to hide minor scratches and swirl marks, improving the overall appearance of your car. It also makes washing your car easier as dirt and grime are less likely to stick to a waxed surface.

Enhancing Resale Value

Another benefit of waxing your Lexus NX is that it can enhance its resale value. A well-maintained car, both in terms of its mechanical parts and its exterior, is more likely to attract potential buyers and command a higher price.

Regular waxing shows that you take good care of your car. It gives potential buyers the impression that the car has been well-maintained, increasing their confidence in its quality and reliability.

Materials Needed for Waxing

Now that we understand why waxing your Lexus NX is important, let's look at the materials you'll need. Having the right tools and products can make the waxing process easier and more effective.

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Here's a list of the essential items you'll need:

  • Car wax
  • Microfiber towels
  • Car wash soap
  • Bucket
  • Water hose
  • Car wash mitt
  • Clay bar (optional)

When choosing a car wax, consider the type of finish you want. There are three main types of car wax: liquid, paste, and spray. Liquid wax provides the highest level of shine and protection, but it's also the most difficult to apply. Paste wax is easier to apply but doesn't last as long. Spray wax is the easiest to apply and is great for quick touch-ups, but it doesn't provide as much protection or shine.

Microfiber towels are ideal for applying and buffing the wax. They're soft and won't scratch your car's paintwork. Car wash soap is necessary for cleaning your car before waxing. A bucket and water hose are needed for the washing process. A car wash mitt is used to apply the soap and clean your car. A clay bar is optional but can be used to remove any stubborn contaminants from your car's surface before waxing.

Steps to Waxing Your Lexus NX

With the right materials in hand, you're now ready to wax your Lexus NX. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Wash your car
  2. Dry your car
  3. Apply the wax
  4. Buff the wax

Washing Your Car

The first step to waxing your Lexus NX is to wash it thoroughly. This removes any dirt, dust, and grime that could scratch your car's paintwork during the waxing process. Use a car wash soap, a bucket of water, and a car wash mitt to clean your car. Rinelyour car thoroughly with a water hose to remove all the soap.

If there are any stubborn contaminants on your car's surface, use a clay bar to remove them. Simply spray a small area of your car with a clay lubricant, glide the clay bar over the area, and wipe it clean with a microfiber towel.

Drying Your Car

After washing your car, it's important to dry it thoroughly before applying the wax. Any water left on your car's surface can dilute the wax, reducing its effectiveness. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to dry your car. Make sure to dry all areas, including the doors, windows, and mirrors.

Applying the Wax

Once your car is dry, you can start applying the wax. If you're using liquid or paste wax, apply a small amount of wax to a microfiber towel and spread it evenly over a small area of your car. If you're using spray wax, spray it directly onto the car's surface and spread it with a microfiber towel.

When applying the wax, use a circular motion to ensure even coverage. Avoid applying too much wax as this can make buffing more difficult.

Buffing the Wax

The final step is to buff the wax. This removes any excess wax and gives your car a glossy finish. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to buff the wax. Use a circular motion and apply light pressure. Buff each section of your car until the wax is completely removed and your car has a shiny finish.


Waxing your Lexus NX is a simple process that can greatly enhance its appearance and protect its paintwork. With the right materials and a bit of time, you can keep your car looking its best and preserve its resale value. So why not give it a try? Your Lexus NX will thank you for it!

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