Beta Products Instructions

Mega Foam Shampoo: Add 2oz shampoo per 2 gallons of water in a bucket, stir to froth, wash your car using a soft sponge or cloth, rinse, and dry. Boom! It's like turning your car into a foam fiesta. For thicker foam, add more, like how you put extra cheese on pizza. Don't worry, it won't leave your car with a hangover. Don't put it in your eyes or drink it.

Prep & Strip Wash: Mix 2oz with 2 gallons of water in a bucket, wash, rinse, and dry. Voila! It's like a detox cleanse for your car. Just don't expect it to start doing yoga. Remember not to put it in your eyes, and it's not a substitute for your sports drink. Yes, even if you own a Prius.

Hydro-Shield Shampoo: Same as before - 2oz per 2 gallons of water, wash, rinse, and dry. Not just a regular wash, it's like a rain-repellent suit for your car. It won't, however, repel annoying park pigeons. And hey, it's not eye drops, and don't drink it. It won't make you hydrophobic.

Ceramic-Infused Shampoo: Standard wash rules - 2oz per 2 gallons, wash, rinse, and dry. It's like a five-star hotel spa treatment for your car. Please, no envious glares at your freshly pampered vehicle. And remember, it's for external use only. Drinking it won't make you ceramic-infused.

Graphene-Infused Shampoo: Add 2oz to 2 gallons of water, wash, rinse, dry. It's a regular wash with an extraordinary shine boost. Yes, your car can now compete in a beauty pageant. No, it won't get a crown. Again, not eye-friendly and not a beverage.

Silica Waterless Wheel Wash: Spray onto wheels, wipe with a cloth, behold the magic. It's like a magic trick, but your car is not disappearing, sorry.

Ceramic Detail Spray: Spray onto a microfiber towel, apply to your car's surface, flip towel, wipe dry. Now your car's refreshed and ready to impress. Don't try this on your weary spouse.

Graphene Detail Spray: Spray onto a cloth, wipe onto the car, wipe dry with the other side. Your car is now slicker than a greased pig at a county fair. The pig's not included, though.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner: Spray on, scrub with a sponge or brush, rinse off. Repeat if necessary. Will not turn your compact car into a monster truck.

Graphene Tire Dressing: Spray directly onto tires, spread evenly with a cloth. Your tires will look ready for the catwalk. We suggest against creating a tire fashion show, though.

Tire Gloss Enhancer: Apply directly to your tire, spread evenly, let dry. Your tires will thank you. Note: Tires can't actually talk. Yet.

Window Cleaner with Sealant: Spray onto the glass, wipe clean with a microfiber towel. For windows so clean, you might forget they're there. Please remember to roll them down before drive-thru orders.

Interior Cleaner & Conditioner: Spray onto a cloth, wipe clean. Your car interior will feel fresher than a car mint. Don't eat the car freshener.

Plastic & Leather Cleaner: Spray onto cloth, wipe clean. Because your car's plastic and leather also deserve a spa day. Just don't expect it to tip you.

Universal Interior Detail Spray: Spray onto a microfiber towel, apply to the surface, wipe clean. Universal, like love, but for your car. Not for use on humans or aliens.