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Multi-purpose Microfiber Towels 6-pack


Premium quality, multi-purpose microfiber towels for all types of surfaces; paintwork, glass, metal, plastics, chrome, and more. Soft enough to spread liquid evenly across surfaces, yet strong enough to remove embedded debris and sticky substances, without leaving scratches or swirl marks.

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Trust us when we say that this is a 6-pack that will get you attention for all the right reasons, and won’t require a single second in the gym or the local liquor store. Winning!

Our multi-purpose microfiber towels are designed to tackle any issue you come up against when washing or wiping down your automobile. Incredibly durable, they’re basically the all-terrain heroes of your garage, for no job is too big, sticky, or grimy for them to conquer. A must-have in every car owner’s arsenal.

  • 6 x hyper-absorbent and durable microfiber towels.
  • 16’ x 16’ buffing towel with an 80/20 microfibre blend and 260 GSM weight.
  • Removes deep debris, sticky substances, grime, spray waxes and other residues. Leaves only streak-free brilliant shine.
  • “Hooked design” for even spread and removal.
  • Machine washable with normal detergent and cold water, dryer set on low temperature and no dryer sheets.
  • Reusable waterproof storage bag.
  • Contrary to internet rumours these will not “wipe that smile right off of that smug head of his!”, whoever he is.
  • Remove from packaging, important!
  • Using one at a time, fold into four, equal sized squares so they fit perfectly into your hand.
  • Wipe surface with one side until it’s dirty or holding residue. Continue until full microfiber towel is too contaminated, use another clean one.
  • Wash and re-use.



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4 out of 5


Experience: Beginner
Drives: Fiesta
4 out of 5


Experience: Beginner
Drives: Fiesta

Solid all purpose

Having used a lot of Microfibers from a lot of brands, I reckon these are good solid towels for general usage. Machine washed them and had no lint or shedding issues, and seem to hold up well. Found them good for quick-detailing, glass cleaning and just general interior stuff.
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Quality 5/5| Value 4/5|
Yes, I recommended the product
  • Quality 5/5
  • Value 4/5
A pack of high-end microfiber cloths from AvalonKing are a core cleaning tool that no car owner should go without.
Multi-purpose Microfiber Towels 6-pack
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