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How to Protect Your Car Paint in the Desert

I’ve lived in the Southwestern US pretty much my entire life. Besides a 13-year sabbatical to enjoy the road salt...
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Six Secrets to a Perfect Car Wrap

I’m a huge fan of vinyl. It’s flexibility of design, durability, and ability to protect paint from damage is legendary....
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How Should You Remove Rust from Your Car?

Rust sucks. It’s damaging, looks like crap, and just plain destroys metallic materials. Now, unless you’re into the whole “patina”...
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Ways to Protect Your Car without a Garage

Not everybody has the luxury of a nice, warm garage to park their precious rides. In fact, a 1999 US...
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A Guide to Removing Ceramic Coating from Your Car

There are several ways to skin a cat – but ceramic coatings are more complex. Ceramic coatings are designed to...
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Your Guide to Car Wash Foam Guns

Everyone loves saving time on DIY projects. Whether it’s removing a step from a maintenance project, or using better tools...
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How to Remove Leather Car Seat Stains

Most high-end performance cars are opulent through and through. From the enhancements under the hood to custom suspension set-ups that...
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The Ceramic Coating Debate – Nano Ceramic Coatings vs Ceramic Coating Sprays

Ready to head back to second-grade English class? If you recall, a homonym is two words that sound the same...
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Common Car Paint Stains and How to Get Rid of Them

Finding a stain sucks – plain and simple. Whether it’s that hard to remove stain on the carpet, or etching...
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How To Apply Armor Shield IX
Ceramic Coating - How It Works

These are our recommended quantities for the respective type of vehicle. The Volume Savings can be seen besides/below.

Type of Vehicle Recommended Quantity Volume Savings
motorcycle   Motorcycle 1 bottle*
small car   Small car 1 bottle*
sedan   Sedan 2 bottles* Save $35 (25%)
pick-up truck   Pick-up 2 bottles* Save $35 (25%)
jeep   Jeep 2 bottles* Save $35 (25%)
suv   SUV 3 bottles* Save $70 (33%)
van   VAN 3 bottles* Save $70 (33%)
boat   Boat 4 bottles+* Save $110 (39%)

*Please note that it may be a good idea getting an extra bottle, ensuring you don't run out when doing an application.

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