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7 Questions to Ask Before Diving into the DIY Ceramic Coating World

While it’s common for many of us to make mistakes in the choices we make, there is a lot of...
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How to Disinfect Your Car Interior

Our world is going through a baffling health crisis our generation has never seen – COVID 19. While there are...
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Why is Pollen So Sticky on Car Paint?

Let’s face it, pollen is a flat-out pain in the rear end for humans. Beyond the reality of helping to...
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Tips for Removing Coffee Stains from Your Car

There is nothing like a fresh cup of coffee to perk you up. And with our busy schedules, many of...
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Is Powder Coating Wheels a Good Idea?

Not all trends need to make a comeback. Thankfully, bellbottom pants, 8-track audio tapes, even the mullet have not returned...
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Will WD-40 Damage Your Car Paint?

There are several shade-tree solutions to common, everyday problems. One of the most popular is using penetrating oil or WD-40...
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How to Pick the Right Surface Prep Mitt

One of the most important steps in a paint protection installation process is surface prep. This multiple-phase process involves removing...
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How to Get Smoke Smell out of Car

When you purchase a used car, there are some things you can easily fix. Polishing scratches on the paint, installing...
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How to Clean Your Cars Floor Mats

We spend a lot of time discussing exterior car care on our AvalonKing blog. But, what about the inside of...
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