Level up your car detailing game

Level up your car detailing game

Level up your car detailing game in a fraction of the time with ARMOR SHIELD LITE. A fast ceramic spray with a super slick showroom shine that can be achieved in a fraction of the time.

From the creative minds that brought you Armor Shield IX, comes an all-new companion to the world’s #1 DIY ceramic coating Meet ARMOR SHIELD LITE. A superhydrophobic spray-on ceramic detailing product that can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces, with little more than a spray and wipe away approach.

Engineered with automotive enthusiasts and perfectionists in mind, ARMOR SHIELD LITE is the ultimate product for the DIY detailer in search of a fast, glossy finish, and who want a hefty dose of surface protection thrown in for good measure.


ARMOR SHIELD LITE is also about as easy as it gets when it comes to application. So easy, that anyone who can squeeze the trigger on a spray bottle or dry a dinner plate with a microfiber towel can get a super glossy shine.


So if you are looking for an affordable alternative to a nano-ceramic coating product, but don’t want to sacrifice gloss and hydrophobic protection in the process, then ARMOR SHIELD LITE is the detailing solution you need. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of the science. You take care of the cleaning and detailing.


How ARMOR SHIELD LITE Can Help Make Your Life Easier


ARMOR SHIELD LITE spray takes many of the industry-leading nano-ceramic coating perks associated with AvalonKing’s industry-leading Armor Shield IX (AS9), and infuses it into a spray-on detailing protectant. All of those glossy hydrophobic protective properties that can be found in a bottle of AS9 are still there and then some but in a far more affordable application.


This translates to less elbow grease, sweat equity, financial equity, and time spent on the user’s end. All of the extensive prep work, prolonged curing times, and the ever-looming risk of a semi-permanent screw-up occurring disappear the moment this ultra-slick substance strikes a surface.


Furthermore, ARMOR SHIELD LITE can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces, as either situation is guaranteed to leave behind a glossy sheen that lasts longer than any other quick detailing ceramic spray on the market today.



Looking for more proof that ARMOR SHIELD LITE is the ultimate sidekick to the stoic Armor Shield IX caped crusader of the nano-ceramic coating world? Here are a few top reasons why ARMOR SHIELD LITE has the chops to keep up with its big brother while offering the speed and convenience of a quick detailing ceramic spray.


Those who will benefit the most from ARMOR SHIELD LITE include:


  1. People who own vehicles with dull paint, fading clear coat, hazy windows, etc
  2. Those who dread the act of washing their car every week
  3. Anyone hesitant about applying a semi-permanent nano-ceramic coating
  4. Drivers looking for a protectant that makes contaminant and debris removal a cinch
  5. Commuters who can’t afford to go without a car for 48 hours while a nano-ceramic coating cures
  6. Vehicle owners who do not have the luxury of parking in a garage while a 9H-rated ceramic coating cures
  7. Those with limited access to car washing accessories and/or surface prep experience
  8. Cautious types who are unsure about spending their hard-earned dough on a big ticket ceramic coating job
  9. Beginner DIY car detailers looking to get some experience with ceramic coating products




8 Must-Know Facts About AvalonKing’s ARMOR SHIELD LITE


Purchasing an automotive detailing product that won’t eat up your pocketbook or free time is pretty damn important to a lot of people. This is especially true when you are dealing with something as straightforward as a spray-n-wipe ceramic coating.


But there’s way more to the spray-on car detailing game than just price points and curing times. You need a product that is going to last longer and perform stronger, just like a beefed-up Ron Jeremy in a fresh polyester suit at a 1970s disco party. Something that is going to deliver the goods and then some, while trouncing every other detailing spray you’ve tested to this point.


There are a multitude of reasons why we took the hydrophobic ingenuity bottled up inside a 30ml vial of AS9 and transformed it into a kick-ass ceramic spray.


That being said, there are still a few caveats associated with AvalonKing’s latest and greatest creation, for properly detailing a car does require some form of preferred methodology and product understanding. 


Below you will find eight things DIYers and detailing pros alike need to know about AvalonKing’s all-new ARMOR SHIELD LITE spray. Some of which will likely make you adore this product all the more.


1.    Required Gear for Applying ARMOR SHIELD LITE

Little more than a pair of clean microfiber towels and some elbow grease is required to apply a layer of ARMOR SHIELD LITE. Ok, ok… Maybe throw in a cold beverage or two for a little refreshment along the way just in case.


2.    Prep Required Prior to Applying ARMOR SHIELD LITE

For best results, always use a quality wash mitt that can be dunked in water brimming with AvalonKing Ceramic Prep Shampoo suds. For really dirty surfaces, give that towel-dried ride a spritz of IPA Spray action to remove any lingering microscopic contaminants. For those of you with relatively clean cars, a simple maintenance wash will suffice, while immaculate automobiles require little more than a quick rinse-n-wipe so that you can use the spray as a drying aid.


3.    How to Apply ARMOR SHIELD LITE

Spray directly onto the vehicle surface you wish to protect and enhance, then spray into a microfiber towel or cloth. Apply the cloth to the surface, and wipe in a cross-hatch pattern. Spray-on ceramic coating applied, flip the microfiber over and wipe the area dry. For best results always apply out of direct sunlight and when the vehicle’s surfaces are cool to the touch.


4.    Things to Watch Out for When Applying ARMOR SHIELD LITE

Apart from that incredible black ice scent? Nothing really. Even though ARMOR SHIELD LITE is a certified streak-free product, its esoteric electric purple pigmentation may cause owners of lighter-colored cars to become extra diligent about the removal process.


5.    Surfaces That Benefit the Most From ARMOR SHIELD LITE

Paint, wheels, glass, lights, trim, that plastic hula girl gyrating on the dash… anything that’s a hard surface is pretty much fair game. Hell, spray your tires too for a glossy shine that is sure to last for a really long time.



6.    ARMOR SHIELD LITE Curing Times

ARMOR SHIELD LITE doesn’t require any downtime in order to cure. Simply spray, wipe, and walk away knowing you just made your ride look super slick, rickety-tick. This allows you ample time to get back to the important things in life. Like bailing your uncle out of the slammer, or signing up for that pudding club you’ve always fancied being an honorary member of someday.


7.    Performance Perks of ARMOR SHIELD LITE

Once cured, ARMOR SHIELD LITE creates a hydrophobic surface that is unlike anything else on the market, both in regard to protection and adding a slick showroom shine in half the time. Wicking dirt, grime, rainwater, and contaminants away with the intensity of a wet-nosed dog at a nudist beach, there’s no getting around the earnest engineering behind this ceramic coating spray.


8.    Surface Area Coverage Provided by ARMOR SHIELD LITE

An 8oz bottle of ARMOR SHIELD LITE is more than enough to cover the average large SUV/truck with a generous layer of glossy protection. However, being that no one likes running out of a particular detailing product halfway through their weekend car cleaning routine, AvalonKing has decided to release a larger 16oz bottle as well. Bigger really is better, right?


Parting Shots

As the creator of the world’s best-selling DIY nano-ceramic spray, AvalonKing knows damn-well what the automotive detailing world wants. Professional automotive detailers and dedicated DIYers alike have incessantly asked for us to produce a faster, stronger, glossier, easier-to-apply ceramic coating spray.


Well, guess what chums? It’s here.


Built firmly upon the scientific foundation that constructed a kingdom filled with devoted subjects, AvalonKing has turned the proprietary formula that is Armor Shield IX into a whole new animal.


In laboratory testing, pre-production trial runs, and atop our personal vehicles, ARMOR SHIELD LITE has outperformed every other quick detailing ceramic spray within the segment. Both in regard to how much ultra-glossy protective shine it provides in double-quick time, and how it holds up over its lifetime. But we get the feeling you won’t just be taking our word for it, but testing it out on your own.




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Just completed my first application of Armor Shield Lite and am blown away by the ease and results! As tired of hearing “awesome” and “game-changer”, this is EXACTLY what this product is! Excellent job Avalon King!

Just completed my first application of Armor Shield Lite and am blown away by the ease and results! As tired of hearing “awesome” and “game-changer”, this is EXACTLY what this product is! Excellent job Avalon King!

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