IPA Prep Spray
IPA Prep Spray
IPA Prep Spray
IPA Prep Spray

IPA Prep Spray

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AvalonKing’s IPA Prep Spray is a super-slick solution that eliminates isopropyl alcohol/H2O imbalances, and completely decontaminates hard surfaces. The result is an immaculate surface that is prepped and ready for a layer of Armor Shield IX ceramic coating.

All the surface prep work in the world won’t make a bit of difference on ceramic coating day if your car’s exterior has not been decontaminated with an isopropyl alcohol (IPA) prep spray. Even after a full paint correction and polishing session, millions of microscopic contaminants can be found clinging to the exterior of a vehicle, alongside lint, dust, and polishing compound residue.

By spraying the surfaces you plan on ceramic coating with AvalonKing’s IPA Prep Spray, and then wiping it away with one of our contaminant-snagging microfiber cloths, you can guarantee that your vehicle is as pristine as possible. Oh, and did we mention that it comes in a lovely cherry aroma?

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Customer Reviews

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Ben Dowd
Recommends to a friend?: Yes, I recommend this product
Experience: Advanced
Drives: BMW X5

I’m not sure about the complaints with this product. I’ve used it for multiple preps but n different vehicles and it’s pretty darn incredible. It’s the best glass cleaner I’ve ever used too! Haha.

This stuff goes a long ways and I feel confident that the paint, glass, and trim is stripped and clean and ready to coat. I have no issues with residue, if you have residue my guess is either the car isn’t all that clean or you’re using too much.

How old are you?: 25 - 34
Quality: 1/5
Value: 1/5
Experience: Intermediate
Drives: Toyota Tacoma
Left residues

The cherry blossom smells like barf And the product leaves a residue. No need for that nasty scent.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?: Yes, I recommend this product
How old are you?: 25 - 34
Quality: 5/5
Experience: Beginner
Drives: Audi S4 Avant - 2017
Finally, an IPA made for Ceramic

With so many IPA sprays out there with different formulas & alcohol ratios I was worried I'd buy the wrong grade and mess up applying my ceramic coating.

When AvalonKing announced these sprays I was glad to finally see one recommended specifically for ceramic coatings by a ceramic coating company.

After a clay bar I used the IPA spray. With a full decontamination like that the paint came out smooth just as expected, but the main thing for me is that I know this was made specifically for applying the armor shield coating and that with that there was no risk of me messing it up by using the wrong chemicals.

Highly recommend for anyone wanting to apply Armor Shield, just for that added peace of mind, but can imagine this works great for any DIY ceramic coating or for anyone looking to decontaminate their paint.