Amazing DIY Car Detailing Tips

Amazing DIY Car Detailing Tips

Contrary to popular belief, taking your car to a car wash is NOT a DIY car detailing hack. Correct car care is a process that requires the use of the right materials, techniques – and goes much further than simply using the right glass cleaner.

Knowing how to use a microfiber cloth, how to apply car wax correctly, or what your cars clear coat and paint is sprayed at the factory is the key to completing car detailing correct.

Even if you clean your car often it’s bound to get dirty again, and it will get dirty easily. There are a lot of products out there for cleaning your car and most of them are filled to the brim with nasty harmful chemicals and frequent use will leave you exposed to their harm as you drive. Honest to God car detailing includes some dual action elbow grease, a lot of sweat, and a ton of effort.

If you are looking to do a good spring cleaning of your car, and you probably do, this is the list that you need to read. The best part of it, its all without the harmful chemicals and you should have most of the required ingredients and tools just laying around your home. It will also reduce those professional detailers, using expensive care products, and improve the looks of your new car or used daily driver.

1. Natural Carpet Cleaner

Time to Do: 15 minutes
Cost DIY: $5
Cost Professional: $25
Savings: $20

Get rid of all those dark, dirty and muddy stains on your upholstery and mats with this all-natural solution, as shown in the video above.

Tip: You can use this cleaner almost anywhere, carpets, sofas, mattresses.

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2. Make Your Headlights Sparkle

Time to Do: 10 minutes
Cost DIY: $3
Cost Professional: $75
Savings: $72

Are your headlights cloudy from road debris and weather? Simply use some toothpaste to bring them back to factory new shine.

Tip: Its best to use a toothpaste that contains baking soda.

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3. Best Way to Clean Dusty Air Vents

Time to Do: 10 minutes
Cost DIY: $1
Cost Professional: $45
Savings: $44

A quick and easy trick to clean your car’s vents and other hard to reach places using just a simple and cheap sponge brush.

Tip: Remember to clean under your door handles, around the steering wheel controls and back seat air ducts.

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4. Completely Natural Air Freshener

Time to Do: 5 minutes
Cost DIY: $2
Cost Professional: $15
Savings: $13

Get rid of those harmful car fresheners. This DIY solution shown in the video above is not only easy to make but also will make your car smell like heaven. All you have to do is place it in a cup holder or on the floor in a secure spot, and you’re ready to go.

Tip: You can cap your freshener with a breathable cloth if you don’t have a metal lid jar.

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5. Prevent Windshield Wiper Streaks

Time to Do: 2 minutes
Cost DIY: $4
Cost Professional: $60 -$100 Replacement Wipers
Savings: $56

This super-fast hack will save you a ton of money. Instead of buying new wipers when your old ones begin streaking just refresh them like shown in the video and they will be streak free again.

Tip: Use a tooth pick to remove and deep seated dirt from the wipers ridges before cleaning them.

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6. Change The Air Filter Yourself

Time to Do: 15 minutes
Cost DIY: $20
Cost Professional: $75
Savings: $55

Prevent your car from getting stinky and developing harmful mold in the air system. This process will be similar on most cars and trucks.

Tip: For added protection keep a jar of baking soda in your car covered with a breathable cloth (look at the hack above on a DIY air freshener to make it even better)

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7. Get Rid of Window Streaks

Time to Do: 20 minutes
Cost DIY: $3
Cost Professional: $20
Savings: $20

The hack involves newspaper and vinegar and may sound crazy, but your windows will be streak-free.

Tip: You can use this hack on your house windows as well.

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8. Make DIY Interior Wipes

Time to Do: 5 minutes
Cost DIY: $5
Cost Professional: $10
Savings: $5

This is a perfect DIY hack for your car interior. Completely natural and super effective wipes for your whole car interior. Store bought wipes are not too expensive but the difference can rack up over time.

Tip: If you have a plastic container the same width as the paper roll, use that one.

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9. Get Rid Of Pet Hair

Time to Do: 20 minutes
Cost DIY: $2
Cost Professional: $65
Savings: $63

Vacuum cleaner not picking up the pet hairs? Use this simple hack and with just a pair of rubber gloves easily pick up pet hair from your car seats.

Tip: You can also use nitrile gloves and a pet brush to increase the effectiveness

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